Ecological Contracting

Whatever your requirement, we specialise in providing you with a bespoke solution. 

BEL can provide you with a complete range of services from initial assessment and Company Biodiversity action plan, to full implementation and maintenance of your project.

We monitor to gauge progress and these results determine the priority and order of subsequent action. Where possible we encourage and train members of your own staff to carry out the monitoring. This integration has many values; financial saving aside, we see genuine enthusiasm from staff to contribute to their workplace in a positive way.

With extensive practical experience undertaking schemes within the Highway, Aviation, Agricultural and Commercial sectors combined with access to specialist expertise, we strive to provide and deliver environmentally sympathetic solutions to fit your requirements.

An example of the services we offer:

  • Assessment and company biodiversity action planning
  • Cut and collect
  • Translocation (see case study)
  • Reserve management
  • Species trapping
  • Isolation fencing
  • Wetland and water course creation, repair and management
  • Habitat creation
  • Planting
  • Woodland management
  • Invasive plant control
  • Composting
  • Wild flower and grasses establishment

We have invested in specialist equipment and where it has not been available; we have designed and built it to undertake specific tasks.

Our personnel are highly skilled and trained with an emphasis on quality and safety. We work closely as a team so don’t be surprised to see senior management in the thick of it. We believe to be successful in what we do is to ensure everyone fully understands the task in hand.

Some Of Our Clients

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